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First Communion/Confirmation:

Congratulations to all who received First Communion, and Confirmation. These Liturgies were very well organised and a great deal of preparation was put into them. They were very uplifting, prayerful and faith inspiring. Congratulations to all who made this possible, parents, teachers and parishioners.

Boards of Governors

St Patricks Primary School Garvary,

Enniskillen, County Fermanagh. BT943AX

Secretary: Miss Louise O Neill Principal of St Partricks Primary School: Miss Louise O Neill St Patricks Primary School, Mullanskea, Garvary, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh.

Chairperson: Fr John Halton P.P. Parochial House, Tempo, Cunty Fermanagh. BT94 3LY (Trustee Representative)

Vice-Chairperson: Mr Sean McCaffrey Ballylucas, Lisbellaw, Enniskillen. County Fermanagh. (Trustee Representative)

Mrs Assumpta Ryan Killinure Woods, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh (Trustee Representative)

Mrs Jacqueline Flanagan Tattygar Road, Cavanacross, Lisbellaw, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh. (Trustee Representative)

Mrs Aine Toal St Patricks Primary School, Mullinaskea, Garvary, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh. (Teacher Representative)

Mrs Breda McGrenaghan Tattinweir, Tempo, County Fermanagh. (Department of Education Representative)

Mr Brendan Fee Killee, Tempo, County Fermanagh (Education and Library Board Representative)

Mr Patrick Cox Largy, Tempo, County Fermanagh (Education and Library Board Representative)

Mr William Nichol Lissan, Enniskillen, County Fermangh. (Parents Representative)

Various Comittees: (1) Appointsments Committee, (2) Curriculum Sub-Committee, (3) Grievence Committee, (4) Finance Committee.


The Candle and Prayer with the Child at Home: This is the most important part of our preparation for First Communion and First Penance. Without prayer with the Child at home our preparation will not produce results. Our Child will not grow in Faith in Jesus, which is at the very foundation of First Communion and First Penance. So the Candle is important. The Team who are running this programme in the name of the Community encourages all parents therefore to use the Candle for prayer with their child at home during the week. This is essential to the programme. It is recommended that a family with a child for first communion have a space in their home for prayer which is recognised as a Prayer Space.

The Grapevine: is a small folder with the readings, prayers, and responses which the children will pray between one celebration of “Do this in memory” and the next. Parents will find it to be of infinite value in helping their Children during the month. Make sure to get one of these and use it. Put it on the Prayer space in the home.

John Paul 11 Awards:

I had intended to write about the John Paul 11 Award last week. Unfortunately I didn’t know enough about the awards. These awards are for young people, who take on a project which involves them in the spiritual life of the parish. Such young people can then be put forward for the awards. The initiative is very strong in many Northern Dioceses, and is being initiated by the Diocesan Youth Leader in Clogher Diocese. The Parish undertaking cold be Reading the Word of God, Announcing the Prayers of the Faithful, Singing in the Choir, or beginning a new Choir for Saturday night Mass, or any other commitment undertaken by a young person, or a group of young people together. Etc. Pobal Parish Pastoral Council will be promoting this in the Parish and we will be encouraging many young people to get involved in the parish. We know that our youth club is anxious to be involved in Parish life, so this is the opportunity which they have been looking forward to in our parish. We know that our Youth Club will grasp this opportunity with enthusiasm and gratefulness as it will be the fulfillment to their dreams.

St Patrick’s Day: 17/03/09.

Focused Inspection in St Patrick’s School

(John Halton Chairman of the B.OG)

St Patrick’s Primary School has had a Focussed Inspection on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of last week. A verbal report of the Inspection was given to The Board of Governors by the Inspectorate on Friday last at 3..00pm The Department of Education will provide copies of a summary of the main findings of the report for all parents of children in the School in about three months time. However there are a few things that we would like all to know at the moment. The Inspectors Report is very thorough and leaves few areas uncovered. It has covered such areas in the School as Literacy, Numeracy, Maths, ICT, Pastoral Care, Child Protection, Special Needs, Policies in the School on the various areas of School Life, the New Curriculum in the School, The Planning in the School with the various planning documents, especially the School Development Plan, the Management of the School, the Coordination of all School Subjects so that children are at the heart and centre of all school life, and are educated in a caring, safe, and nurturing environment.

As the School is part of the Parish and wider Community the Inspectorate analysed the communication between the School Principal and the Teachers and Staff of the school with parents, Board of Governors, and other interested parties in the Community. In this process the Inspectorate send out a questionnaire to the parents before the Inspection began. They also met with the Board of Governors, and with a group of children which the Inspectororate themselves chose. Through these sources they find out if the children, parents, management, and the whole community are happy with the management, teaching, care of the children, and education in the School. They concentrated also on many other areas of school life. For example they examined the relationship between the Principal, the teachers and staff in the school, for as we all knows children grow, develop, and learn in an atmosphere of friendship, acceptance, and love among the adults in the school community. The children also learn to model their lives on these relationships of friendships, and begin to live them in their own lives. Such important aspects of school life as food and the dietary needs of the children were also covered. The physical environment and the cleanliness of that environment were not forgotten in the long—seeing eyes of the inspectorate. I hope this short analysis gives a little insight into a Focused Inspection by a lay person in the field of education.

Having listened to the oral report of the Inspectorate I get great pride in congratulating the Principal, Teachers, and Staff of St Patrick’s Primary School on receiving a well earned, excellent, and very positive Inspection Report. It is not within my remit at the moment to go into all the details of the Report, except to say that we the Board of Governors are very proud to be associated with this Parish and Community School. I congratulate the Principal who has proved herself, to be an inspiring, caring, and team leader in our school. She has shown herself to be a person of vision, insight, hard work, who has led her team of teachers so well, that she has created an environment in which our children enjoy learning. I congratulate her Team of Teachers also who are hardworking, dedicated, and committed to the children in their care. They too have that quality of cooperation and team-- work which was praised highly in the inspectors report. Many have key roles as co-ordinators of different areas of the curriculum, and have proved that the teachers and principal of the school work together rather than alone.

A comment that stays with me is “that the needs of every child in the school are assessed and monitored so that each child is treated as an individual with his/her special gifts or potential”. Each Child is known by the teachers and valued. These kinds of comments came directly from the Inspectorate, but having listened to many other complementary comments, I am not surprised. The last comment that I have space to include in these words of congratulation to St Patrick’s Principal and Teachers is the following comment-- The school is a great school with great leadership, and excellent teachers that like and admire good leadership. All work together with high expectations. Praise was also expressed for Barney and Ann in their role as caretakers of the school, to the kitchen staff, and to the secretary. The special care given to all children with special needs was commended, and so last but not least I congratulate our special needs teacher. This is St Patrick’s Day.



Primary Schools

St Mary's Primary School
Edenmore, Tempo, Co. Fermanagh BT94 3LU

Phone: +44 (0)28 8954 1394


Tempo Primary School
Main Street, Tempo, Co. Fermanagh BT94 3LU

Phone: +44 (0)28 8954 349


St Patricks Primary School
Mullanaskea, Garvary, Enniskillen

Phone: 02866326539.

Principal : Miss Louise O Neill.

Secondary Schools

Enniskillen High School
1 Alego Drive, Derrychara, Enniskillen, BT74 6JL

Phone: +44(0)28 6632 2923

Erne Integrated College
Drumcoo, Enniskillen, BT74 4FY

Phone: +44(0)28 6632 5996

St. Fanchea's College
Mill Street, Enniskillen, BT74 6AM

Phone: +44(0)28 6632 2919

St. Joseph's College
Chanterhill Road, Enniskillen, BT74 6DE

Phone: +44(0)28 6632 2918

Grammar Schools

Enniskillen Collegiate
Cooper Crescent, Enniskillen, BT74 6DQ

Phone: +44(0)28 6632 2165

Mount Lourdes Grammar School
Enniskillen, BT74 6AB

Phone: +44(0)28 6632 2265

Portora Royal School
Chanterhill Road, Enniskillen, BT74 6DG

Phone: +44(0)28 6632 2658

St. Micheals College
Fairview, Dublin Road, Enniskillen

Phone: +44(0)28 6632 2935

Colleges / Further Education

Fermanagh College
1 Dublin Road, Enniskillen, BT74 6AE

Phone: +44(0)28 6632 2265

Enniskillen College of Agriculture
Levaghy, Enniskillen, BT74 4GF

Phone: +44(0)28 6634 4835

Child Protection Notices at the Back of Church:

I want every person to know where these notices are in the Church, and I want every person to know what is written on them. Please do not forget to examine them carefully. These are also in the Community Centre, and each school and Pre and After School have their own Child Protection Policies. Please look up the handout sent by the Parish Committee on Child Protection, and get very familiar with it.

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